Apoch Works

Apoch Works is a small group of consultants that specialize in the areas of user interface design and application development.

With over 10 years of working experience with small-biz owners up to Fortune 500 companies, we can provide you with fresh ideas, concepts and implementation work for all kinds of human-computer interaction problems.


We developed the corporate design and built the product webpage and sales backend for PSPDFKit.


Helped with app development for MindNode 3, developed a cloud infrastructure and created a new overall visual language.


Created a ruby-themed logo and "heavy load"-inspired website illustrations. We now and then help with data visualizations.

Ramen Music

Designed and implemented the web site and help with Ramen Issue layouts or backend interface tweaks.

Bold Poker

Helped out with iOS, Android and game server development. We also did most of the interface and visual design.


Continuous support of game client, community website and game server development and infrastructure maintenance.

Martin Schürrer Software Engineering

Philipp Markovics User Interface Engineering

Samo Korošec User Interface Design

Getting in touch

For business enquiries or if you just want to say ‘hi’, feel free to send us an email to office@apoch.io. A team of friendly robotic secretaries will dispatch it accordingly. We’re also on dribbble.

Apoch Works is located in beautiful Vienna, Austria.